Announcement Packaging is a basic parameter in regards to various product designs, due to its role to protect and preserve after production and during storage and distribution. An additional goal is to provide information and guaran... Read more
Announcement In recent years number of medicines which supposed to be delivered and kept in special temperature conditions has been increasing in the world. Most of them consist from biological medicines requiring strict temperature ... Read more
Announcement The delivery time is one of the most important factors that should comply with the conditions of the “cool chain" during the transportation of vaccines and medicines that require the maintenance of a certain temperature ... Read more
Announcement In the XXI century, one of the main engines of pharmacology is innovative biotechnology. New drugs come to the market with faster pace. At the current moment, biological products constitute more than 15% of the total mar... Read more
Announcement At the current moment auto transportation is one of the best ways of carriage in terms of price, terms and risks affecting the safety of products. However, there are number of factors that influence the decision-making n... Read more

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