Ground transport (refrigerators)

  • Astra Logistic Ltd. delivers cargoes from the European pharmaceutical producers to the HUB in Riga (Latvia) by its own fleet of transport vehicles.
  • The company also delivers small and assembled cargoes consisting of 1 – 5 pallets.
  • Delivery of the pharmaceutical products  with special requirements on temperature regime is provided by refrigerated trucks of Euro 5 and Euro 6 class. 
  • Delivery form Riga to CIS countries is provided by refrigerated trucks of Euro 4 and Euro 3 class and also in refrigerated containers by air or railway transport. 
  • The company maintains ThermoKing cooltainers for the transportation of pharmaceutical products.
  • Transport vehicles have installed GSP systems, equipment for temperature control and tracking systems.
  • The company regularly makes validation of refrigerated containers and trucks.
  • Electronic devices allow to receive on-line information and monitor the place where the transport vehicle currently is as well as the temperature inside the refrigerator.
  • We regularly carry out desinfection of the transport vehicles.














Railway transport

  • In order to transport pharmaceutical products with special requirements to the temperature regime, the company maintains refrigerated containers.  The temperature inside the container is controlled and recorded by electronic devices. They monitor the temperature regime and also do constant tracking of the temperatures inside and outside the container.

  • Astra Logistic Ltd. carries out thermo labile  pharmaceutical products in 40’ feet containers shipped to special fitting platforms. Refrigerated containers are equipped with installed ventilation system which keeps the required temperature within the set up level from  -25 °С to +25 °С.

  • Flexible system of cargoes consolidation allows to transport cargoes weighing from
    15 to 550 tons to the distance of up
    to 5 thousand km with the constant tracking and observance of the temperature regime. Astra Logistic Ltd. core partner
    in transportation of thermo labile cargoes
    is Sungate company.


Air Carrier

  • Astra Logistic Ltd. has direct contacts nearly with all air carriers located in the international airport Riga.  International airport Riga is the attractive transport HUB  for carrying cargoes from EU countries to CIS capitals.

  • Astra Logistic Ltd. has been acting as an exclusive  representative of the Universal Freight Organization  UFO for more than 2 years.

  • Astra Logistic Ltd. cooperates with the wide net of cargo agents, located in the biggest CIS cities. This allows to carry out cargoes under very complicated routes combining services of different air carriers and delivering cargoes within the shortest time period. Special thermo containers are used for the delivery of thermo labile cargoes.

Shipping Forwarder

  • Astra Logistic Ltd. acts as the independent shipping forwarder and co-operates with the biggest shipping companies to deal the best freight rates and routes  for FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less than Container Load) around the world.

  • Our company picks up Your container in one of the Latvian sea ports, delivers it to the HUB by our own transport , stores, consolidates this cargo and, finally, ships the pharmaceutical products to the place of destination.

  • Astra Logistic Ltd.  arranges the shipment of Your pharmaceutical products from HUB by air, ground or sea transport to CIS countries.



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